Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Really Important Moments

Someone recently commented to me about moments I’ll never forget. Here’s a partial list:

- Moving into the house and Mom asking me if I wanted my bed (crib) in my parents’ room or upstairs with my sister.

- Papa setting me down just inside the front door just after getting my first pair of glasses and just standing there looking at my house for the first time.

- Sitting on the front steps of the post office with Barbara on a sunny, summer, rural Midwestern day and saying, “I’ll never forget this moment.”

- Lying on my back on a blanket in my back yard with Becky, surrounded by comic books, but being more interested in the cloud parade.

- Being at the skating rink for the monthly junior high party, when all the popular kids laughed at me and made glasses with their fingers when I skated past.

- Watching little, very bright lights dart and hover through the trees at the lake with Carol and trying to figure out what they were, wondering if we should tell someone.

- Sitting with Deborah in her parents’ car on top of a hill on a dirt road. We had followed a lot of cars out to the isolated location and watched, scared out of our heads when the passengers of the cars we followed left their cars with lanterns, climbed a fence and formed a circle in a pasture.

- Riding a horse, Blue, on a smooth, grassy field and letting him – for the first and only time – run as fast as he wanted..

Of course I remember the first time I fed my babies, bits of my wedding day(s), graduations, stuff like that. And those are amazing memories. And they are memories shared by lots of people.

The memories in this list are more personal memories. I don’t have photographs of them other than the pictures that are indelibly printed on my memory. They are events that in someway or another changed me or gave me direction. There is a seemingly endless supply of these personal memories, though I can’t tell you the zip code of my office or if I have laundry in the dryer.

You just never (well, unless you’re sitting on the post office steps) know what moments are going to be the important ones. Therefore I strongly suggest we all live as if each moment is pivotal, immensely important and life-defining.  Because truth be told, I reckon they are.


  1. Life is about making memories. Said by a wonderful man to his loving wife.

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your memories. It's so true, we do well when we live in the moment.

  3. Hey Fay,

    So back in junior high you weren't one of the popular kids? Can't believe that;p Just kidding. Your different and unique like me. So's your list. And I do think it's important to live each moment because sixty seconds later it's gone.

    Hugs with blessings,