Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am a full-figured woman.  I have curves and I just had a bowl of vanilla ice cream that I didn't need for purposes of nutrition.  But it was just so tasty after the pizza I had for dinner.  Sometimes I choose to do things that are not good for me. 

However, I'm not a public school charged with teaching children - the very children, by the way who will be running nursing homes in a couple of decades.  They will be the airline pilots, doctors, nurses, plumbers, and police officers when we are old.

Think about that when you think about public education.

Now, how big a decision is it to get the junk food out of the school cafeterias? Sure we can say that parents should educate their children about what foods to choose at school, and parents should do that.  Parents should also educate their children about not smoking, using street drugs and alcohol.  The difference is that schools don't buy alcohol and cigarettes and offer them to children. 

I don't even see what the debate is about.  Is your school selling junk food for snacks and offering grease and salt covered carbs in the cafeteria?  Guess who pays disability payments for people with obesity and nutrition related illnesses? I'll give you a hint. . .  we do.  And even if don't care about the health of future generations, don't you want your future proctologist to grow up on brain food?

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