Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ding Dong. . . Universe Calling

Some people can say So and so was the love of my life. I’ve only been able to say So and so was the love of my decade. Or of my year or month. The same goes for what I’ve been called by the Universe to do.

I've got to say I’ve never heard a deep bass voice say, "Hey, Fay. . . This is God and I want you to do such and such."  I guess I've been more nudged than called to do various things at various times. Possibly, I’ve been silently called. That is, I may have been meant to do things that I did and I never realized their importance. It’s sort of like the tiny movement of air from the flutter of a butterfly eventually causing a hurricane.

The other day I told a young lady in the waiting room that she was beautiful. This is something I can do in a socially acceptable way now that I’m fiddy fav. Anyway, maybe that statement was just enough to keep her from feeling suicidal. And maybe she will go on to tutor a kid who decides to finish school, and that kid grows up to be the father of a president. It could happen.

The truth is, every little thing we do affects everything else in some way. There’s just no getting around it – each one of us is important and called to do things.

Some people are called in a loud booming voice and have no question in their minds about it. And though our "calls" are just as important, some of us only hear ours in echo or we don’t even hear them at all.


  1. And this is why you need to treat people like you would like to be treated. It all comes full circle.

  2. The deep bass voice would leave little doubt, I suppose; but the still, small voice inside us is the one that often speaks the loudest.

  3. We rarely recognize the impact we have on others. Actually it is kind of scary to walk around with that knowledge. The only fallback is just to simply be a good person.