Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice

In the wee hours this morning I watched the moonlight that filled my room wane then wax. A new year came. The solstice and a lunar eclipse came on the healing heels of an amazing meteor shower. The Universe did it all without any help from me.

All there was for me to do was appreciate it. Maybe you think my intentions, my candles’ light refracting through my crystals, my energy had nothing at all to do with the shadow crossing the moon. Maybe you think there is nothing at all magic about all the recent happenings in the sky. Maybe you think the Universe doesn’t give a stitch about my appreciation.

Maybe you are wrong.

The Universe is very big, indeed. There is room for magic. There is room for a child born of a virgin in a stable under an auspicious star. There is room for a lamp that gives light for eight days with only enough oil for one. There is room to celebrate seven principles of community and family. There is room for you and there is room for me. In fact you and I and the oil and the star and the continents and the families, the water, fire, sky, earth, and air are the Universe and we are whether or not we believe it. So does what we believe affect anything? It might be the only thing that does. Weird, eh? One of those pair o'socks.

So whether you are Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Wiccan or one of the faithful of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in some way you are Pantheist. And I welcome you to this bright new year. May we all get our intentions pointed in the way of peace and understanding.

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