Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday 55

Friday Flash 55
If you want to play, write a story in 55 words and let the G-Man know you've done it.

(Here's my atypically unfunny one)

Gray-green hard cold heavy metal full skull
Traitor muscles hot red throbbing angry spasms
Raging throat ears nose

Be quiet, be still. I’ve things to do.

Earl Grey ginger lemon honey steam comfort
Clean soft warm bed cold air
Morphia mercy angel numb sleep
Forget wasted time

Drifting off I watch me laugh and run.


  1. smiles...glad it softened up a bit for you...and smiles at teh closing line...nice 55.

  2. Yours is much less non-funny than least you worked 'laugh' into it. I like the words--they seem to have a life and minds of their own, kind of like our bodies do when they have the nerve to disappoint our expectations of perfect health and loveliness. My first time here--enjoyed.

  3. Awww! I hope you're only writing of feeling ill and not actually ill. I love the transition from agony to peacefulness and the last line made me smile!

  4. Love it, you play with words so beautifully :)

  5. Hugs. Get well soon. No, wait... fiction? Great story! Really pulled me in.

  6. that's some head cold
    loved the wording

    A cold season 55
    hope you feel better and have a great weekend

    Moon hugs

  7. What a sorry feeling. Glad it's turned around by the end.

  8. Puffs with Aloe....
    Sorry about the Discomfort.
    Loved your 55...
    Thanks for playing, get well soon, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  9. Nicely done. I look forward to more too, when you're feeling better.

  10. Oh... I am glad you watched yourself laugh and run... Cuz if I were in that state, all I would see was my darned nose run like crazy!
    Superb 55 though!!! Creative and cute (umm.. sniff sniff..aaaacchhoooo)! :)

  11. wow,
    seasoned 55,
    love the flavors.
    beautiful imagery...
    way to go.

  12. I am so sorry for your sore throat.

    be well, and say hi to Morphia for me!! :)