Saturday, August 28, 2010

Righteous Wrong

If I get one more anti-Islam email I may explode.  And let's face it, even if you don't like me much, you don't want me to explode.  I would be soooo ding dang messy.

There are ignorant, evil, misguided, dangerous, very ill, asswipes in every single religion in the Universe.  That's just a fact.  It's the nature of religions that they allow people do just about anything and back it up with some scripture.  They behave as if doing something evil in the name of religion proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are right.  They are righteously wrong and I'm really getting tired of it.

I have actually read the New Testament boys and girls.  I've also read the Old Testament, Koran and The Teachings of Buddha.  I've read some other religious texts, too.  I didn't find anything in any of them that I thought encouraged me or allowed me to do bad things to other people in the name of God. 

Did you know that the Abrahamic religions, the Big Three - Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have the same God?  No, I mean they admit they have the same God.  The Koran talks about Mary, the mother of Jesus more than the New Testament does.  Yes, it does.  And it talks nicely about her.  It talks nicely about Jesus, too.

All this "Kill the infidel" stuff I'm hearing so much about recently is no more prominent in the Koran than in the Old Testament.

I can hear you twitching, Christians.  Before you make fun of getting a bunch of virgins in Heaven, think about collecting the foreskins of your enemies. There are just ridiculously silly things in all religious texts if you want to look at them that way. 

Or we could choose to take the basic ideas of religions - treating others as we would like to be treated, love one another, the kingdom of God is within you. . . you know stuff like that, and stop demonizing each other. 
Most Muslims are no more likely to want to kill Americans than most Christians are to sexually abuse children or con people out  their savings to fluff their own nests. Remember that freedom of religion thing we have going here.  It's good stuff. 

For crying in a bucket, people, use your noggins! If you haven't read the books, don't preach from them.  In fact, don't preach from them at all if you're preaching fear instead of love. 


  1. Hey Fey,

    You know what really pisses me off? Those people that don't want a mosque built near the site of ground zero! Did you hear about that on the news? It's crazy. I don't hear of anyone making a stink about churches being by concentration camps. I mean didn't Hilter think he was doing his Christian duty or something messed up like that when he killed the Jews. I mean I am not agreeing saying Jewish people should die. I am just saying Hilter used Christ and way back in the day nobody said all Christian were bad don't build Churchs. This Muslims that twist the Koran around are just as messed up in the head as Hilter. They need to be in criminal mental health units! I beat you any money that they don't go to temple (I think that's what they call there going to their mosque) every time they should. These people that want to build mosque are American Muslims and if they live close enough to the Twin Towers to want to go to temple there, I beat any money they had people die in those Towers too! Ugggh! People are so uneducated.

    Hugs with blessings,

  2. You hit it on the nail head. Extremism of any sort or color or texture destroys.