Thursday, August 5, 2010

Losing It

For several days (ok, a couple of weeks)  I've been looking for my blood pressure cuff. I live in a small house and there really aren't that many places for it to hide. I thought perhaps I took it to work and it got mixed in with other bp cuffs.

I went to my nurse's cave and asked her if she had an extra cuff around.  She said yes and I thought my problem was solved.  But the extra one she had wasn't mine.  I checked with a doctor down the hall.

"Do you have your bp cuff? We have an extra one."  She pulled a stethoscope from her drawer.  I said, "That's stethoscope."  
She rooted around and found her cuff. Then she said, "But I lost my shoes."

"I understand,"  I replied.  I once lost only one shoe. By lunch time I'd forgotten to ask about my bp cuff. 

"Did you ever find your bowl?" asked one of the lunch group.

"No, and I can't find my molasses."

"Well no one would take your molasses.  No one else can stand the stuff.  Where's the salt?"

When my children were young and I did lots of laundry, I had a grocery sack full of lonely socks.  Never in the history of the world has anyone lost a pair of socks, mind you.

Where do these things go? Blood pressure cuffs, shoes, lonely socks, molasses, minds?

Sometimes things show up.  My friend found his sunglasses in the oven.  Alas, it was too late for the sunglasses.  A mysterious pig sheriff showed up on a boulder near my sister's house. I found my cup of coffee in my closet once.  My toothbrush appeared on the book shelf next to Robert Frost; an earring in the freezer.  I found my mouth guard behind the family room TV while looking for my  cuff, and I didn't even know I'd lost it.

But somethings just disappear, never to be seen again. I reckon it's a mystery as deep as the origin of the pyramids.


  1. Until I read this post I thought I knew where all my stuff is, but chances are good that I don't, so I'd better start lookin' around post haste. The pyramids only know what I'm missing that I don't know is missing.

    Thanks, Fay, for sending me on a frantic wild pig's chase.

  2. You never know what you've lost 'til you find it.

  3. Hi Fay,

    This post is too funny. However, it is very true. I cleaned my bathroom which badly needed attention, the other day. And you know what? I found a whole group of earrings I had bought at K - mart. I started wearing them, they came in blue, green, pink, and diamond color. My Mom was like, "What you have earrings for every outfit?" And I told her how I had found them cleaning my bathroom! The funny thing is I think I bought them about two years ago. NO, I have cleaned my bathroom between now and two years ago. I guess I just didn't see them before! Anyway, my Mom says all the time that old people lose stuff, but I want you to know that us thirty year olds do it too!

    Hugs and blessing for a great post,

  4. So.. I am not alone in my love of molasses? Another kindred spirit out there for me to swap recipes involving the ambrosia of the Gods perhaps. My day just got better.

  5. Funny thing is - the sheriff pig is AGAIN lost!

  6. It sounds as if the "Sock Monster" has attacked your home too. He must come in the night when all are asleep and steal those socks leaving the mate sad, lonely and now only 1/2 of what it once was. He's been attacking my home for years and I thought I was the only victim. Guess not!!

    Enjoyed reading this. Keep them coming. You sound like you have a sense of humor like mine.

  7. Oh, Barb. That dang sock monster has followed me across many states and many years! Dang his hide anyway.