Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What to do with the leftovers

This is an email I just sent to my fam and closest friends. I encourage you all to consider doing this.


I have handy little cards that I'll send some of you to keep in your wallets or desks or. . . underwear if you'd like. Anyway, I've willed my body (only after my death, you understand, until then I plan to use it myself) to Science Care. They can be reached at 800 417 3747 or if any of you is interested in doing the same. At the event of my death, whoever is around should call them and they'll come and get the body. It will be used for grafts, tissue, education and/or research. If you want to see my body, I recommend you do it while I'm alive. The bits and pieces won't be returned to you and I can't think why you'd want them anyway.

I just wanted to tell you now, while I'm very much alive, just so you won't be surprised, will know my wishes, will know what to do, and hopefully will be somewhat relieved because.. . well, that's one less thing, eh?

I also fully intend to have my funeral while I'm still around to enjoy you all walking past me talking about how good I look and bringing me flowers. But there's lots time for that.



  1. Hey Fay,

    You are so brave to donate your whole body. What I want is for them to take my brain and heart out and cremate that part and the rest can go to science. My brain is sick, it always has been so it needs a rest. And my heart is who I am because I was told even though my brain is sick so I can always know what to do by following my heart. However, all the rest can be used for organ transplants, skin graphs, and such. My heart and brain, I wish to be laid at rest in a Catholic cemetery. I have to start looking into that, because you know what? The stupid insurance compianes won't give me life insurance because of my mental illness. The only way I know of someone dying for a mental illness is they take their own life. Now don't insurance companies refuse to pay for that anyway? Uggghhh... well I am just going to set up everything before I go! I look into the website you provided maybe they will still take my body without the brain and heart? Otherwise, I know others places that will. Then I have to set up for an undertaker to remove the heart and brain and cremate the parts and have a little funeral. I also want to pay for my plot. It's a lot cheaper than if you have to be stuck "whole body" into a box. I mean you wouldn't believe when my Grandpy died it's like they put you in fort knox down there. Three or fours different box thingys. It's crazy. Well, I get off my soap box.

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Yep -- definitely going to investigate this. This is so much more preferable than just dumping my body off the ship channel bridge...which I have suggested.