Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Politics As Usual - Ain't It a Shame

I hate, hate, hate political ads and to tell you the truth, I'm not crazy about politicians, either.

Why do these yasswipe incumbents only tell us what they've done when they want our vote again? Let me answer my own question - because they want to keep their jobs. Politicians' jobs are to get their jobs and get them again.

I like the idea of representatives of the people. I don't like the idea of professional politicians. And I can't figure out why anyone would vote for someone who prefers to badmouth the opposition rather than say what is good about himself.

And for crying in a bucket, when did it become a cool thing to call the President of the United States bad names? That makes me sick. I find it nauseating that politicians are advertising how they refuse to work as a team member. When did that become something to brag about? I think it stinks that we have to choose from contestants whose only chance of looking good is to make others look bad.

I really don't want to vote for anyone who actually wants to be a politician. I would be in favor of filling Congress with people who are smart enough to go into it kicking and screaming.

What sane person would choose to put herself and her family through a campaign? Who, other than someone who hasn't had a life, has not a single skeleton - not one dry bone - in his closet? And just whom would someone like that represent? I'm afraid it's become either a government of the perfect, by the perfect, for the perfect; or of the liars, for the liars, by the liars who have enough money to cover their stories.

Groucho Marx said he wouldn't want to join an organization that would have him as a member. I don't want to vote for a politician who wants to run for office. And ain't that a shame.


  1. The government is not run by politicians, but rather by lobbyists who represent the super-powered "special interest groups." I know from my experience working on Capitol Hill.

    You are entirely correct, though, about professional politicians—that's why term limits have been mentioned. Mudslinging, or filth slinging, was made popular by Karl Rove—he literally destroyed John McCain and John Kerry.

    But when the mudslinging is over and the new President is elected, we are supposed to to "respect" their honesty and integrity. Pardon my language, but bullsh*t.

  2. Wait, Charlie. . . . .do we disagree on something? I mean. . . are you wrong about something?

  3. Unless I missed the entire point of your post, I don't believe that I'm wrong about anything. I seldom do.

  4. MY representatives are okay, yours are the crooks. (He says tongue in cheek).

  5. I agree with the second half of that, CorticoWhat. And Charlie, I love you even when you're wrong!