Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gardening Fay Style

Today I went to the garden to pick some green beans. But while I was there I thought I should check for other ready veggies. While peaking under the big leaves of cucumber and squash plants, I sort of got stuck in a little fantasy and decided that if I were a fairy, I might make my summer home there. And that reminded me that I’ve been meaning to make a toad home for some time, to encourage a little critter to move in and eat bugs.

So I searched the French drain for the perfect flat rocks and built a nice little cool, shady home and thought about putting up a “Free Rent” sign. But while at the French drain, I’d noticed that there was a lot of silt among the rocks, evidently from the recent downpours.

So I got a bucket and trowel and my little stool and dug out about five feet of the gazillion foot French drain. It was sort of like panning for gold, only I was panning for rocks and bits of broken brick. I did get a couple of buckets of really fluffy, black, worm-filled soil out of it and decided to build a new raised bed.

So I piled up the recovered wormy soil and got some compost out of the bin to mix in with it. But while I was at the compost bin, I noticed that it needed some water and a good stir. I got some great compost from the bottom though.

I mixed the compost and the soil from the French drain and piled it up. I thought about what a great bed this was going to make for some more beans. And then I remembered. I came to pick beans!

And that’s the way I garden!


  1. It seems the more work you put in a garden, the more work it needs. But to echo Son of Wisdom, it's a beautiful chaos.

  2. If you give a mouse a cookie...