Monday, December 7, 2009

New Year's Resolutions for My Girls

To My Girls *

Let's all sit down and have a glass of Chianti and discuss how we ain't gonna change a ding dang thing in the coming year because we are so ding dang perfect now it would be a crime against nature! We are perfect just as we are and could use some improvement.

Let's vow to always see each other as we really are - beautiful, sexy, brilliant, exceptional women with great taste in friends.

Let's promise to never pass up an adventure, even if the odds are about 89 to 11 for getting hurt. Hell, we've been hurt before and memories are the very best things to collect. Besides, if we get knocked down, we've got our girls to laugh and help us up.

Let's promise to laugh so hard we may just wet our pants.

Let's resolve to flirt with experience, skill and not a lick of shame. Flirting is good for the flirter and the flirtee.

Let's change our hair color and style, wear as much or as little make up, and shave our legs and underarms or not according to our whims. Let's pay attention to those whims. Whims are our friends. Whimlessness is next to boringness.

Let's all learn to say no to things we do only because we think we're supposed to do them. We aren't getting any extra innings in this life, so if we can't enjoy the things we're supposed to do, then we'd better just not do them.

And let's all enjoy doing those things we know we will make the Universe a better place.

Let's dedicate 2010 as the year we are not afraid to fail. Heck, haven't we failed enough to learn not to be afraid of it by now? If you haven't, get out there and fail at some things. My bridge master told me that if I wasn't going set at least a third of the time, I wasn't playing with enough guts. Let's agree to ask ourselves these questions: What's the worst that can happen if I fail at this? What's the worst thing that can happen if I don 't attempt it?

Let's all finally realize that we needn't be afraid of death, only of not having lived. Surely nothing is worse than dieing of boredom.

Let's all resolve to be so present in the here and now that we forget to worry about the future or fret about the past.

And let's all forgive ourselves for all the stupid things we've ever done and LET THEM GO! There isn't room for them here, now.

Let's all let go of the greatness we used to have or nearly had or might have had. There is not room for that here, now, either.

And let's realize that there is only here and now and it is more than sufficient.

Let's forget to get back at people and threaten to flood each day with random acts of kindness. It might just catch on.

Let's get our minds around the fact that we are all One.

Let's take naps when we need to and call our friends regardless of the hour.

Let's please remind each other to be grateful for every moment - even the ones that seem yucky. Even in those moments, your life is the greatest miracle of all.

Let's allow ourselves to cry when we need to. It's good for our sinuses.

Let's always realize that sometimes you've just gotta. And that's the only reason you need.

Let's all solemnly vow to overflow our lives with joy and peace and love. You know where that comes from right?

*And yes I know that calling us girls is not politically correct. I'm 54 and I don't give a shot. I can be a girl if I want to and to hell with political correctness! My Girls - you know who you are!


  1. Wow that was a brilliant post!

    You go girl.

    (not sure if that sounded corny or not as I am neither female or cool, but if I failed, so what :)

  2. thanks, Foo....I need to hear (and do!) this!

  3. Ta-Wan, thank you! You're cool enough to be "A Girl" and that's a high compliment.

    JJ, Put it on your frig and have Sol read it to you daily!

  4. Right on - sista!!! All good advise!