Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Love My Sister

My sister is just about perfect. She's beautiful and always has been. She's very intelligent. She's kind and very dedicated. She's funny. She is truly one of my most favorite people ever. She really gets into holidays, Christmas included, and decorates and sends cards and entertains, etc.

She pointed out that my Bah, Humbug Christmas posts made her feel sad. I think they make her sad because I said something about Christmas having always been an occasion for disappointment to me. She's also sad because I seemed to be blasting people who "over-decorate."

So I stepped back and thought about this. She's usually right about things and it's very worth consideration if she points something out.

It's true that I never would want to take away any one's joy. Not even the people with the 12 lighted holiday characters lined up in their yard. I don't think it's very green to send out holiday cards, but I must admit that I enjoy the very few I receive and I have to assume that people carefully weigh the use of paper and resources against the joy the cards might bring.

And while Christmas has historically disappointed me, it's not because I wasn't given an embarrassingly large amount of gifts. I just always felt that what I gave wasn't enough or something. And I felt disappointed whenever people continued to behave badly even though they were in the midst of this "Season of Peace and Joy." And I can't help thinking that our resources could be better spent.

Having explained that I wouldn't want to take away any one's joy, I still do fantasize about rearranging people's lighted characters or demanding all mall Santas take a breathalyzer. My sister says - and I'm sure it's true - that some people need Christmas and all the trimmings to get "in the spirit" and be generous and peaceful. And perhaps Christmas makes people happy in and of itself and in that way it is a good use of resources. I don't understand that, though I think people should be happy.

I think I walk a wire here deciding whether I should just shut up because I might interrupt some one's happiness or trying to shine a light on what I know to be better uses of resources, a more realistic and loving way of finding happiness.

So the bottom line is this: I know this is only my opinion and that there is the ever-so-infinitesimal chance that it is wrong. But hey, it's my blog. I don't like Christmas clutter. I'm overwhelmed by the business, busy-ness, and waste of the whole thing. But it's your thang - do what you need to.

And I love my sister.


  1. Of course you should NEVER shut up and it IS your blog and I could get off my duff and start my own, if I were as intelligent and as insightful as you. AND I love my brilliant sister and respect ALL her opinions!!! I'm not sad anymore - you (esplained it, Lucy). nan

  2. Well thanks. Please feel encouraged to disagree whenever. :)