Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love Song to Leonard Cohen

It would certainly help if you were familiar with some Leonard Cohen lyrics. Actually, I'm hopeing that he'll read this and realize that all his life I'M what he's been missing. Of course, it will break Eric Clapton's heart when that happens, but hey, Eric's had his turn with me. Now it's Leonard's lucky day.

Look at me, Leonard, when I’m naked in my way
Not for one last time, with filmed vision every day.
Look upon me tenderly and look upon me long
And you’ll know that I’m half crazy just because of a few songs.

You hurt me with democracy
And your silky smooth soft honesty
(Using lint the gaps to fill in
From Buddha, Christ or Dylan
Mix it in with innate wisdom
You don’t even know you own)

But it’s ok and it is righteous
You are speaking to the rest of us
Your eyes and voice I feel so very deep.
And I’ll love you by the river, in the water and the reeds
Until we’re both swept under by the passion of our deeds
Some holy dove above us moves
What water isn’t holy, too?
And all the breaths we’ll breathe are now so few.
I’m sorry that we didn’t meet ‘fore my youth and beauty fleeted
I’m nothing if not a muse you never needed.


  1. How can Leonard not swoop you into his arms after this?

  2. The only thing I can figure is that he hasn't read it yet. Could you please call him and give him the heads up? I'm ready.

  3. I dig the last lines :)
    Enjoy gooseberry day!

  4. love it! here's my entry:

  5. You dumped Clapton for Cohen? Oh, I just don't know! Wonderful poem, no matter your choice. Very nice!

    My entry:

  6. Brilliantly written poem.

    Here is my entry:

  7. love it.

    apt words.
    Thanks for sharing....