Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rearranging Bits of Universe

This is my therapy: I rearrange natural elements in my little corner of the Universe. I suppose it's innacurate to say my little corner as if it belongs to me any more than I belong to it. The truth it, these elements and my elements share proximity lately.

Rain is collected in my rain barrels and I move it to plants the squirrels or I have o moved from one place to another. I move leaves I've shredded to areas of clay that I would like to enrich. I move rocks I find to the French drain around the veggie garden. I move the leaves, roots, blossoms, fruit of plants to my body and other bits of the plants to the compost bin and later, when they have become compost, to the garden again.

It's all we ever do, actually. We rearrange things, or we participate one way or another in the rearranging of things. We eat things and they become us. We turn a door knob and bits of us stay on the knob and bits of the knob stay on us. We die and no matter to what lengths our loved ones go to preserve our bodies, we eventually become soil. Soil eventually becomes grass or a tree, which is eaten by a cow or a bird, which is eaten by. . . .

The circle of life is rearranging. We are a piece of the circle, not the center. I'm not sure how I come to the distinction of me versus my garden. And frankly, I don't think I want to.


  1. I am a big fan of rearranging.....I think it is quite therapeutic!

  2. So true.

    I think we attribute way too much importance to our own "arranging" when in the big picture we are so insignificant. Little tiny beings on a speck we call Earth. It's humorous really.

  3. Hey Fay,

    Your right there is a circle of life. That's why I am not afaird to eat meat! First fungus and bacetria eat dead things, then plants go to work with the fungus and bacteria, then herbaviors eat the plants, then bigger and bigger animals eat the herbaviors, until finally we eat the bigger of the animals! Then when we die it starts all over again! I do have a rule that I won't eat anything that's on the endangered list, though. North American Bisson are suppose to be on it, but somehow you can get Bisson meat in the grocery store! And I like your take on the Universe. I believe that God made the universe and that He is part of the universe. Like what I mean is a tree is part of God, it's engery comes from God, it IS God. I may just be rambling and I know I don't sound like a normal Christian, but you read my posts, I am not normal in anyway!

    Thanks for the good read, hugs,

  4. Amanda, if God isn't in a tree there is no hope for anything. I totally agree with you!

  5. We are the Earth and we are the Universe, so rearrange all you want as long as it isn't destructive. And I know you would never do that.