Saturday, February 20, 2010

Predicting Sunshine in my Soul

Today it's sunny and it feels like spring, so I'm hanging my laundry on the line where it will exchange damp and cold for sunny and fresh. There is nothing like sleeping on sheets that have dried in the sun earlier that day. It's better than any sleeping pill.

It's been rainy and unseasonably cold lately. The sort of cold and rainy that comes from somewhere behind that place right at the bottom of my sternum and then spreads out to the entire Universe. I am the center of the Universe, you know. That sort of soul weather sometimes begins as a reflection of the Earth's weather and then it grows. Sometimes it begins in spite of the Earth's weather and then it grows. It grows and grows unless you possess the wisdom of Barney Fife and nip it in the bud. Unfortunately, my bad weather has recently come to nearly full bloom.

But today the Universe tapped me on the shoulder via friendship, sunshine, and a Shitsu. Then it kicked me in the butt because I needed a good kick in the butt. Kicked me right into the sunshine.

And I'm billowing gently in the breeze, exchanging cold and damp for sunny and fresh. And tonight I'll sleep in sheets that will remind me of the day. And I'll dream well.