Monday, January 18, 2010

100% Universe

I'm watching a tv program about a Mexican-born sushi chef in Texas.  And why not? If Americans aren't a bunch of mutts I don't know who is.  Unless you're 100% Native American, you are from someplace else.  In fact, even if you are 100% Native American your people are from someplace else if you go back far enough.

In fact, unless someone is completely sure where man evolved and can identify the magic moment and spot that that being became "human,"  we can all claim that our people are from somewhere else. And even if you were born on the exact spot where human beings first evolved, that place isn't the same as it was then. 

Dirt moves around.  In fact the dirt around the philodendron in your livingroom might have been my great, great, great uncle twice removed, an old bicycle seat, and a bit of the moon.  It's bits haven't always been potting soil.  And bits of you might have been potting soil.  If you're an adult, your bits have all been switched out a few times already.

So what can it possibly mean to say that I'm Mexican-American, African-American, or a White Anglo-Saxon American, Inuit, British, or Hungarian?  Not much. If you go far enough back, you aren't 100% anything, except Universe.  You are 100% Universe.

What a coincident, so am I.  Go figure. 

So I don't see how we can possibly war with each other.  How can we even establish neighborhoods, White neighborhoods, Black neighborhoods, Martian neighborhoods, when not only we, but the actualy ground the neighborhood is built upon has questionable heritage?

We need to stop thinking about our differences and realize that we are the same.  We are all 100% Universe.


  1. Every 7 to 10 years or so, all the atoms in our bodies are replaced - in that same way by favourite axe has had 4 new shafts and 3 new heads over the years.

    Consequently, we're not even the same person yelling at the same people we were at the turn of the millenium :)