Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't think, just do it.

I dreamed I was building a structure with a group of people. There was urgency to get it done on time. The structure was transparent framework going up and up. At the base was a sort of trampoline-like floor only when a person bounced on it the reaction was in slow motion. We tested it out often.

My job was to teach people how to jump. All you had to do to go all the way up was believe you could. Little children had no trouble. We would bounce and each go up through very, very fragile layers. The layers were like the incredibly thin ice that first forms on a pond. When I would break through one I'd barely feel it, but it would shatter and fall to the ground. Evidently it grew back for the next person, the next time.

To go all the way up was to escape something, and there was a feeling that we all needed to do it soon. I would jump and tell myself, "Don't think about it, just do it!"

I hadn't tried to go all the way up yet, because I was trying to teach other people, and I was fighting with the doubt that I knew could keep me down.

I had this dreams some years ago and have remembered it often. It has meant different things at different times, but the theme remains.


  1. Ah, the "giving to others without giving to myself" syndrome. And the escape? We have to escape from the things that are heavy and keep us from reaching the top: guilt, shame, low esteem . . . and thinking rather than doing.

    Come by my place, Fay, and watch What If . . .

  2. What are some of the meanings you have taken from the dream Fay?

  3. I've thought that it meant we must save it all for the next generation and that time is running out; that my only limits were my doubts; that we have to work together to get anywhere; that glass ceilings were mine to break; that I shouldn't eat pizza before I go to bed. . . .