Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beverly. My heart smiles.

Ok, so I went to Pet Smart to meet a Chihuahua from a shelter. However, this black, 8-ish year old dog was in a cage looking oh, so sad. Her 75-year old human had been killed in an auto accident and her human sister lives in an apartment and couldn't take her.

I held her once and it was all over.

She is calm, smart, house trained, loving, and she has a tiny bit of an underbite that just makes her all that more endearing. She likes her fenced in backyard and the house and doesn't go too far from me. She is a great communicator, though I've not heard her bark.

While picking up a few essentials in PetSmart, a woman came up to me sobbing and hugged me. She told me that she was this dog's human's daughter and was so greatful that I was going to give her a good home. She was afraid that because of her age no one would want her.

Here we go with that age thing again. This fine lady has a lot of puppy love left in her. She makes my heart smile. While typing this she jumped down from the bed and came back with a chewy in her mouth and asked to be lifted back to the bed. I'm pretty well trained already.

Beverly has been through a lot and has come out with wisdom, love, and grace. I have a lot to learn from her. I am so lucky that she came home with me!

My husband is away on business, but I've told him about her and emailed a picture. He is understanding and once he meets her in person, he'll be hooked. How could anyone not be?


  1. Fay, she's adorable! Congrats to you both for finding each other.

  2. I'd say we're both pretty ding dang happy.

  3. It is the most fortunate set of circumstances that lead to humanity sharing this planet with dogs.

    I imagined this post was either going to be very tearful over the hundreds of poor sad homeless dogs in the shelter and a complete inability to take one at all, or the contrasting case that you'd be the new human to 3 rottweilers, a one legged poodle, a pitbull with gambling issues and a beagle who smokes heavily.

    The way that Beverly swept you off your feet was perfect.

  4. Yes, Beverly is perfect. I think she may be a lady with a past however. She's a bit, um. . . well, she's already intimately involved with two toys - one she just got this afternoon! Oh, well. I guess we all have hobbies, eh?

  5. You know...Brody goes to work. He's a working dog!

    I'm sure he and Beverly will just a time over Thanksgiving!

  6. Fay, you are too funny! Say "Hi" to Beverly for me.