Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Acorns and Mushrooms and common sense

Although I'm a psychotherapist by trade, I will never understand why people do some crazy stuff and don't do some really sane stuff. Maybe someone can help me with this.
Why don't more people eat acorns?
Why don't more people learn which wild mushrooms to eat?
What's wrong with free, wild food?

Why would people spend money to bring toxic chemicals into their homes when less expensive, safe things work just as well?

Why doesn't every building have a rain collection system (rain barrels?) and use this "gray water" for flushing and watering plants?

Why do people think it's a good idea to put chemicals on their lawns to grow grass that they then mow with air and noise polluting lawn mowers? Who came up with the idea of grass lawns anyway?

Why do people drive to a gym to exercise?

Why do we (Americans) pay more for healthcare than other countries and still have such a large percentage of people who can't get proper healthcare?

Why do we teach our children good nutrition in the classroom and poor nutrition in the cafeteria?

Why does our government subsidize tobacco and subsidize anti smoking campaigns?

Why is marijuana illegal, morphine and benzodiazapines legan when prescribed, and alcohol legal to anyone of age?

Why does it evidently make sense to people to kill people who kill people to show them that violence is wrong?

Seriously, does any of this make sense? Can ya splain it to me, Lucy?

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