Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Fiddy-Six

I'm fixin' to be fiddy-six.  Now, isn't that just a good enough age to be?  My hair is getting more and more silver, which is a beautiful color for hair.  I am free of trends and fashions.  I am comfortable in my thinning skin.  I laugh at myself. Sure I can speak my mind, but I can also speak my heart without embarrassment or fear.

I'm not crazy about the aches and pains and I'm certain  that I used to be smarter.  But I'm also certain I'm wiser now.  And at the end of the day, I reckon wisdom trumps smarts. 

I don't really understand the obsession our culture has with sustaining youth.  Just glance at those magazines in the checkout line.  Everyone of them promises the secret to feeling and looking younger.  Why is that?  At what age do we stop wishing to be a bit older and start wishing to be a bit younger?  I guess it must be around 27 for most people.  I think that's such a waste.  I'm so much cooler than I was at 27.

Why don't we just embrace the age we are now?  Right now, I'm older than I've ever been before and I'm really ok with that.  If I get smashed to death by a falling oak tree tomorrow, that would be ok with me, but I'd be a bit disappointed that I have so much more to do. My bucket list grows faster than my to-read list.   

There are a few pearls of wisdom I've collected from the great philosophers of the ages over my years.

  • Life is short, but it's wide
  • You can't always get what you want
  • Obla di, obla da life goes on
  • To everything there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven
  • What you think about me is really none of my business
  • Everything is holy now
  • Sometimes you just gotta
  • Listen
  • Love and knowledge are never wasted
  • Things will own you if you let them
  • There's a big problem with perfection
I'm sure there are more, but you know, I don't remember things like I used to.  I think it's because I'm taking up valuable memory space with gems such as the exact words used to break my heart every single time it's been broken.  That's a lot of times.  Lucky for me that thing heals.  And how boring would life be if you didn't have your heart broken by cruel middle school kids or a forgotten anniversary or the death of a friend or loving someone who didn't love you back?  My bridge master told me that if I didn't go set a third of the time, I wasn't bidding bravely enough. 

Be fearless!  You get better at screwing up the  more you practice. 

In the seconds before that big oak tree falls on me if I have any regrets, I hope to honk they are for things I've done and not for things I haven't tried.


  1. I'm like you, I'm going with the flow. I'm not too far behind you and I'm proud of what I've done to get here.

  2. You are still a young whipper snapperette -- but you have a wisdom surpassing my own. I am especially attuned to your gem: Life is short, but it is wide.

    The happiest of birthdays.

  3. I agree with Jerry. I love that line and I've never heard or seen it before! And fiddy-six isn't old.
    You're young yet, and you'll never catch up to me. I'm still a Beatles song now, but before the year is out I'll be an old age pensioner, and I'm feeling better every day.
    Thanks for all the lines from the great philosophers and song-writers! Lots of fun and wisdom there.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada