Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thought Erosion

This morning about 7:30, I walked into my office and looked around and stopped to think.  I forgot to start thinking again until about 5:30.  I really don't know what I did all day but I know I was really busy.

We had a staff breakfast this am.  After class last night I came home to put together my usual breakfast casserole.  I cut the crusts from nice whole grain and seed bread,  crisply fried some bacon, chopped herbs, shredded cheese and then realized I had one egg.  I needed about ten.

So I stopped by a bakery on my way to work this am and picked up a scrumptious-looking loaf of pumpkin-walnut bread.  I got to my office; fed Brandiss, my gold fish; started some coffee and that's when it happened.  My brain shifted into slo-mo.

I think there is something wrong with  my transmission too, because I couldn't up-shift all day.  I'd find myself sitting at the computer and wondering what the heck I was supposed to be doing.  I remember staring at the word prescription - a word I type several hundred times per day - trying to remember if it was spelled pre or per. Seriously.  Is that scary or what?

If I were sixteen I'd think I was spacey.  If I were thirty I'd think I was preoccupied.  But since I'm fiddy fav, the first thing I think when I do something like that (when I start thinking again, that is) is that I'm getting senile.

Of course, I'm not getting senile at all.  That's just a silly idea.

The literature and liturgy were bright. . . the moon is.

But sometimes my mind does wander and that's when I wonder.  I wonder as my mind wanders and then I forget again, so it's OK.  But I'm not going senile.  That's just silly.


  1. I have too many of those not-senile moments too. And too many times I am confounded by words much simpler than prescription. Sometimes they jest don't look rite.

  2. Huh? Who? Ummm? Oh're funny

  3. must be something in the air--i forgot how to spell common words, too. and then i seem to be picking up the local dialect and incorporating it into my spelling--one of my patient notes i wrote she "thanks" she was on a certain med instead of "thinks".

    in my defense, she totally pronounced it "thank"!

  4. YES! And she won'ts to thank so, or at least she's fixin' to thank so, I reckon. My language got there before my spelling, but it's catchin' up.

  5. Did you notice the award I gave you ?

  6. Great post, Robert. Robert? This is Robert the Skeptic's blog, isn't it?