Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Father Forgive Yourself

I heard today that the Vatican underestimated child abuse by priests. Well, it was pretty much a secret, eh? I mean, do you ever remember hearing about a priest abusing children? What? You have?

Well, evidently no one ever told the Vatican. At least the Vatican didn't realize it was such a big deal. They thought it was just a few thousand children whose childhoods were stolen by the very men who were supposed to be representing Jesus. They didn't realize the number was much larger. . . . possibly even significant.

Do you think maybe requiring life-long celebacy for priests, imprinting brains with the notion that sex is sinful and women are inferior might lead to some sort of sexual immaturity? Do you think we might have some evidence of that yet?

Yeah, I feel just terrible about the priest shortage. I feel just awful that the Roman Catholic Church might have to sell a painting or three to pay for therapy for people who just can't get their minds around the fact that the person that taught them to pray preyed on them sexually. I guess maybe those big hats interfere with hearing, otherwise the Vatican would not be surprised.


  1. The Vatican "underestimated"--they must have some pencil pushers trying to keep track.

    Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is nothing new--its been going on for centuries in monasteries, schools, orphanages--wherever there are young boys.

    Personally, I think any male in a position of trust--priest, teacher, cop, scout leader--should be neutered.

    [Off topic: Do you think I would a candidate for the pantheist Society?]

  2. Correct the above to read, "I would BE a candidate."

  3. Please Charlie, come join us. We'd love to have you in the gang!